My pottery is one of a kind.  I will and can do similar pieces, and will be more than happy to discuss this with you.  Pictured in my gallery are a few of the pieces I do, I will post more as new pieces become available.  I do carry some in stock, but most of my work is made after an order.  I ask for four weeks because I have to have a span of time without rain.  Depending on the piece it may take a couple days to make, up to a week to dry, then it is bisque fired, glazed and then Raku fired.  Raku firing is done outside, pulled out anywhere from 1550 degrees to 2200 degrees.  The piece is then placed in another can with some sort of combustable in it. 
Fish Pot
Raku fired and
aprayed with
Ferric Chloride
Raku Heart Box
Wall Flower Lady

Rice Bowl
Raku fired with
glass on wings
Copper Raku
with Dragon
encircling pot
Ancient One
Private Collection
Buffalo Series
wheel thrown
handmade Buffalo
electric fired
Ancient One Series
Electric Kiln

Buffalo Series
Wheel Thrown
and Altered
Horse Hair and
Handmade Pitcher
Handpainted design
Buffalo Series
wheel thrown and
altered.  Bronze Raku
and Horsehair
both wheel thrown
Dark one is sprayed
with Ferric Chloride
 Three Amigos
Shot Glasses
Handmade and
electric fired